Venice 2 Society

Each Italian city seemed to have its own identity, it’s unique little character quirk. For Venice (Venizia if you’re a local), I think it was pretty obvious: it’s expensive. Ridiculously so. Oh, and there’s also all the water streets and no cars. But mostly it’s expensive.

Once you get used to the main drag (the bizarro S that was on that map in the last Rome entry), it’s pretty easy to navigate. Sure, there are winding walkways that lead you to nowhere and you have no real idea where you are, but once you get past that, it’s not hard to follow the water.

There are ferries to take you across, but there are also bridges every so often. It doesn’t smell remotely like fish, so all in all it’s pretty decent. If you can afford it.

It may not have the sprawling skyscrapers of the big city, but by gosh it’s got big advertising.

St. Mark’s Cathedral, Venice’s most notable landmark. Mark is apparently buried underneath the altar.

Aww, how cute. I hope she enjoys botulism.

No, I didn’t take a gondola ride. For one, there’s my whole solo thing. For two, a half hour gondola ride is roughly the same cost as three nights accommodation.

Somebody loves you Andrea.

They love you lots, Andrea.

Captain CameraFace strikes again.

The Rialto, Venice’s most famous bridge.

Gondalaing tourists is hard work.

It’s my modern art piece. This is a camera shot of the ferry in this reflective mirror monument that was in the middle of the water.

It’s kind of obvious, but struck me as interesting nonetheless that UPS has boats instead of big brown trucks.

This is a warning to any other stuffed animals that might be thnking of getting out of line.

The return of Captain CameraFace.

When I went to take this picture I was merely doing it to make a comment about the OCD in me not liking the random organization here. It wasn’t until I looked through the camera screen that I saw it actually spell something. The black kind of disappears when you look at it straight on. It’s really quite fascinating. Even after I figured it out and I looked at it again normally it still looked like random shapes.

I didn’t stay in Venice proper, but in this nearby island called Lido, in a town called Mallomoco. Mallomoco was small enough that when I first arrived at 4pm, everything was already closed. It was nice though. This is right outside my guesthouse. An evening stroll along the water was nice. Provided I got dinner beforehand in Venice.


2 thoughts on “Venice 2 Society

  1. You could have cropped out the ‘a’ in the first Andrea photo and told me you wrote it for me.

    Amber and I stayed in Venice for almost a week (which was too long), your photos brought back a lot of memories. Especially the “expensive” part. It’s really not that hard to navigate, just a lot of unnecessary walking.

  2. Ah, (sigh) yes, i miss all my ex-italian lovas dearly.
    Some really nice pics in there Jonathan. Nice work.

    P.S.-Quit trying to steal my thunder, Andre.

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